Placement Testing

To complement the development and support of the local college/school district partnerships, TMP Phase II included a statewide effort to improve math testing for college readiness. Working through the University of Washington Office of Educational Assessment, one of the placement tests for math used by the state baccalaureate institutions, the Washington Math Placement Test, was modified and aligned to the College Readiness Standards to serve as a statewide college readiness test providing a "bright-line" distinction between students who are college ready and those who are not.

This assessment, adapted in collaboration with faculty from state two- and four-year colleges and universities, along with K-12 teachers, was intended to provide a common performance standard for the foundational math skills needed to be ready for college-level math across all public higher education institutions in Washington (note: students needing to take more advanced math, like calculus, at college entry would need additional skills and thus additional placement testing).

The original plan was to use the College Readiness Math Test (CRMT) with high school students in 10th- or 11th-grade to assess their readiness for college-level math and help diagnose any areas of college-level math preparation deficiencies; the state Legislature approved legislation to this effect in 2009 but the funding was suspended when budgets were cut and has not been re-instated as of the 2012-13 academic year.