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The College Readiness Standards define the core knowledge and skills expected of students entering college-level mathematics courses and courses with quantitative components. In addition, they provide the information and support students need for a successful transition from secondary to postsecondary education in math. The standards’ development process is designed and managed by the Transition Math Project, a collaborative statewide initiative involving a partnership of educators, students, parents, and local leaders. Such partnerships have included in-depth reviews of existing efforts in education, ensuring an empirically sound, systematic process of standards development. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the State of Washington, the Transition Math Project fosters successful student math transitions from high school to college and the workforce.
On February 26, 2009, a cross-sector group of K-12 and college math instructors meet to review, compare and assess the alignment between the recently revised 9-12 Mathematics Standards with the College Readiness Mathematics Standards. The main goal for the day was to produce a succinct summary of the similarities and differences between the CRS and the new HS standards. The Crosswalk represents both a detailed look at the math specifics and a high-level overview that can be used for answering questions from policymakers and other non-math constituencies on the alignment between these two key sets of standards impacting Washington state students.
To help further improve the TMP College Readiness Standards, TMP teachers and faculty recently completed an alignment between the TMP College Readiness Standards (CRS) and the ADP mathematics benchmarks using a new online alignment tool created by EPIC, the Educational Policy Improvement Center ( To view the results of this process, select the blue button above.
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