College Readiness Math Standards

2010 Revised Version - 1/10 P2 v.1

The College Readiness Standards in Math (CRS) were commissioned to define the core knowledge and skills expected of students in college entry-level mathematics courses and courses with quantitative components, providing information and support needed for success in the transition from secondary to post-secondary education.The 2010 updated version of the Standards is downloadable below.

This version has been refreshed and includes new information on statewide local/regional Phase II efforts that implement the standards in many innovative ways.

A down-loadable pdf version of the College Readiness Standards, 2010 edition, is available here. Download sections of the original College Readiness Standards (links in Microsoft Word documents).  It is permissible to cut, paste and share these documents as needed – please reference “Transition Math Project – College Readiness Standards” in published documents.