Transition Mathematics Project (TMP)

Aligning standards and expectations for mathematics so students enrolling in college will be prepared to enter college-level math courses, including the alignment of: 1) eleventh- and twelfth-grade math curricula with college introductory curricula and 2) the high school math and college/university math knowledge and skills tested on high school assessments, including the WASL, and the placement assessments used by 2-year colleges and baccalaureate institutions. In addition, high school graduation requirements as related to college and university admission requirements will be examined.

Communicating math expectations to students through clear and consistent messages and focused educational advising. In particular, students (and their parents) need to understand that achieving the math standard on the WASL does not necessarily mean that students are prepared for college-level math.

Increasing student success in completing math requirements in high school and college through clear standards and expectations, improved instructional course and program design, teaching methods, and classroom assessments.

Building capacity of teachers and instructors to align curriculum and instruction to standards and expectations through improved instructional course and program design, teaching methods, and classroom assessments.


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